I Promise: It’s Truly an Extra Large Shower Cap

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This extra-large shower cap by Simply Elegant is the best shower cap that I have owned. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on brands that claimed to be XL, XXL, or Jumbo-sized shower caps to only leave my tresses exposed and ruined. But being the true product connoisseur that I am, I never stopped searching and sampling. Then long and behold I found the holy grail of shower caps. So here are the deets:


Perfect water-proof shower cap to maintain your hair style whether you have natural hair, extensions, braids, locs, weaves, relaxed hair, or just a fancy big hair salon style that you want to last! Durable material and big enough for when your hair is blown out or in dense styles. Eco-friendly made with the highest quality EVA; resists mildew and dries easily making it the perfect travel accessory along with your flat iron, curling irons and blow dryer. 


  • Truly is Jumbo
  • Has an adjustable drawstring for the right fit
  • Satin lining to protect edges and hair
  • Mildew resistant
  • Does have a unisex version


  • Needs to be washed periodically due to satin lining

It’s definitely a GO! It’s a shower cap that every big hair girl should own. I am totally obsessed. For more of my favorites, check out Beauty Bestsellers!

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