10 Best Products for Men's Curly Hair

10 Best Products For Men’s Curly Hair

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Curly hair is great, but as any man with curly hair will know, it can be difficult to style and control.

Curly hair on women can be hard to handle, but men generally have shorter hair which can cause the curls to become tighter and frizzier.

10 Best Products for Men's Curly Hair

There are a lot of things that go into styling curly hair, from strategic haircuts to a whole range of different hair products.

But no two people have the same curls, so finding the perfect products for your hair can be difficult. Especially if you are a man. 

To help you find the best products for your curls, we’ve put together this handy guide to the 10 best products for men’s curly hair. From shampoo to hair gel, we’ve got you covered.

So if you want to find out how to style your curly hair, keep on reading. 

*This post may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. I only recommmend products that I use, love, or thoroughly researched.

The 10 Best Products For Men’s Curly Hair

1.Garnier Fructis Style Shape Defining Spray Gel 

Our favorite product for men’s curly hair is the Garnier Fructis defining spray gel. This gel is excellent because it comes in spray form meaning that you don’t have to get your hands dirty when you are applying it to your curls.

When this gel hits your hair it begins boosting your curls and adding definition so that they have the best appearance possible.

Simultaneously it works to add moisture to your hair allowing it to stay healthy and hydrated and in the best possible condition. If that wasn’t enough, it is also cruelty-free, so this is a great product to consider. 


  • Create and Control – boosts wavy curls and nourishes tighter curls to create more definition and control frizz simultaneously
  • Nourishing – full of moisture that will hydrate your natural curls and keep them healthy and conditioned
  • Cruelty Free – Garnier are approved as a cruelty-free brand, so no animals have been harmed or tested on in the production of this spray 


  • No notable drawbacks 
  • Infused with coconut water, boosts your wavy and curly hair to create curl definition with shine and without frizz
  • Anti frizz with no weighdown, stickiness or build up
  • Paraben Free
  • Leaping Bunny certified, Cruelty Free and Vegan

2.Brickell Men’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for Men

Another great choice is the Brickell Men’s Texturizing Sea Salt spray.

This product is designed specifically for men with masculine scents and packaging for those men who tend to stay away from ‘girly’ products. It is designed for men of all ages with different quantities and amounts of curls.

It leaves a natural finish which means no one will be able to tell you have any product in your hair, and fills it with moisture so that your curly hair will not dry out, and it will remain healthy. So there’s no doubt this is one of the best options available. 


  • Suitable for All Men – designed so that it can be used by men of all ages with all hair types of curls 
  • Natural Finish – adds texture to your curls to give them a natural finish so that you won’t be able to tell that you have any product in
  • Full of Moisture – curly hair is prone to drying out, this product adds moisture to your curls to keep them healthy and nourished 


  • No notable drawbacks 
  • What it Does: This refreshing sea salt spray for men lifts and volumizes hair, enhances natural curls and waves, and creates a natural beach hair look.
  • Who it's For: Men of any age with any hair type.
  • How it Works: Sea salt thickens hair while adding a beachy texture. Vitamin E, an antioxidant powerhouse, nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair follicles. Hydrolyzed proteins increase hair moisture retention, while promoting elasticity, softness, and bounce to the hair.
  • Key Ingredients: Natural & organic ingredients, including sea salt, Vitamin E, and hydrolyzed proteins.
  • Who We Are: Brickell creates skincare and grooming products for men using natural & certified organic ingredients. Our products are sold in over 100 countries and have appeared in GQ, Men's Health, Men's Journal, and other popular men’s magazines.

3. L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle ‘Lock It’ Extreme Style Gel 

Alternatively, the L’Oréal Paris ‘Lock It’ style gel is a great choice for men with curly hair. This gel is able to hold curls in a way unlike any other brand or product with 24 hours of ‘gravity-defying’ power every single time you use it.

But unlike a lot of other gels, this product comes with a natural dry finish, leaving no residue that could make your hair feel sticky or uncomfortable.

With a natural finish, this product is able to effortlessly define all of the curls on your head to take your hair to the next level, so it is definitely a great choice. 


  • Excellent Hold – this product has the ability to hold curls for up to 24 hours with ‘gravity-defying’ power so that your hair stays in place throughout the day
  • Dry Finish – dries quickly and leaves no residue or stickiness in your hair, so your hair will still feel natural 
  • Curl Defining – adds definition to the individual curls in your hair and leaves a natural shiny finish to enhance your curls 


  • No notable drawbacks 
  • 24HR gravity-defying hold
  • Maximum shine
  • No stickiness, no residue
  • Up to 24HR Hold
  • Defining Hair Gel

4. OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Curling Perfection Curl-Defining Cream 

When it comes to hair care, argan oil is a great product which is why the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco curl-defining cream is so great.

This product has the ability to boost your curls while removing any frizz or fly away hairs that can make your hair look messy. As well as this, it is also able to effortlessly detangle hair and ease away knots without causing any pain to your scalp.

With all of this, plus the fact it is packed with natural ingredients and scents, this is one of the best options on the market. 


  • Detangles – curly hair is prone to tangling, the argan oil in this cream eases knots allowing you to easily brush them away with your fingers
  • Boosts Your Curls – eliminates any frizz in your curls and secures any fly away hairs so that your curls can be the center of attention
  • Inspired by Nature – packed with natural ingredients for natural scents that leave your hair smelling and feeling good 


  • Better Suited for Thick Curls – if you have thin hair be careful how much you use as it can become oversaturated
  • Smooth and define curly hair with this argan oil of morocco curl-defining cream Ideal for all curl types, this anti-frizz cream tames flyaways at it moisturizes to create soft and shiny spirals
  • SMOOTH, DETANGLE, DEFINE: The 6-ounce bottle of OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Curl Perfecting Curl-Defining Cream helps smooth, define and enhance curly hair
  • BOOST CURLS and TAME FRIZZY HAIR: Ideal for all hair textures and curls types , this rich moisturizing curl cream helps eliminate frizz while taming flyaways
  • CURLY HAIR CARE INSPIRED BY NATURE: This precious blend with rich cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil helps moisturize and revive spirals Plus, the citrus-fresh, floral-green and woody scent of this smoothing cream leaves hair smelling irresistibly good
  • NON-HARSH and NOURISHING: Free from parabens, the sulfate-free surfactant haircare system is gentle for use on all curl types and textures to help improve strength and elasticity while creating soft and shiny, yet defined curls

5. URTHEONE Boar Bristle Hairbrush for Thick and Curly Hair 

It is an urban myth that you should never brush curly hair, which is why we’ve added this great brush to the list. This brush is designed for thick and curly hair to keep it under control, detangled and healthy.

With well-crafted nylon balls on each bristle, this brush not only keeps your hair under control but also massages your scalp to help you relax.

It also allows your hair’s natural oils to be utilized to keep your hair healthy, so if you are a man with curls this is the brush for you. 


  • Detangles – boar bristle hair means that this brush can detangle even the thickest of knots in curly hair with as little pain as possible
  • Well-Crafted – made with nylon balls on each bristle to help massage your hair and scalp while you brush so that it is a pleasant experience
  • Helps Nourish Hair – helps add moisture to your hair by utilizing your hair’s natural oils and brushing them through your curls, so they remain healthy 


  • Requires Regular Cleaning – the design of this brush means that you will have to clean it regularly to feel the full benefits 
  • 🌹REFUSE TO HAVE DRY, MANIC HAIR: Our boar bristle hair brush easily penetrates through normal and thick hair, daily used helps to re-distribute oil from the scalp down the follicle to the ends of hair. Heal dry, brittle hair while removing excess oil, makes hair smooth and adds shine (A regular hair comb can't nourish the ends of your hair )
  • 🌷ELABORATE, EXQUISITE CRAFT: Carefully selected bristles and handmade nylon ball tips ensure quality. The nylon balls are round and never fall off easily when handled with skill. Can help massage your scalp and penetrate your thick hair to assist in smoothing hair without causing breakage like a plastic hairbrush would.
  • 🌹FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: The boar bristle hair brushes is great for thick, thin, curly, long, short, wet or dry hair. Suitable as a holiday gift for your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter, or a new mom. A great day begins with your hair.
  • 🌷EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN: The ergonomic wooden paddle handle feels comfortable. This easy to use brush gives you all the benefits of boar bristle . It is necessary to clean these hairbrushes regularly to ensure your hair stays healthy. Use a hairbrush cleaner tools or tweezers make it easy and fast to keep it clean.
  • 🌹QUALITY ASSURANCE, WORRY-FREE SHOPPING: We offer an unqualified full refund or replacement for 60 days with a 12-month assurance for quality. Our customer service is always at your service. Add to your cart now to enjoy your new boar bristle hairbrush.

6. RENPURE Coconut Crème Curling Jelly Styling Hair Gel

Another brilliant choice for curly hair is the RENPURE hair gel. This coconut scented hair gel is excellent, especially if you are environmentally conscious as it is designed with the planet in mind.

This hair gel is cruelty-free and certified by PETA to confirm this. It is also sustainable and packaged in bottles that are recyclable with natural ingredients used to reduce the impact this gel has on the environment.

If that wasn’t enough, this hair gel also controls and conditions your hair to keep it healthy and luscious. So this is definitely a great hair gel for men with curly hair. 


  • Cruelty-Free – PETA certified to prove that no animals have been involved in the testing of this product for market
  • Sustainable – all packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable, and all ingredients are natural 
  • Controls and Conditions – eliminates frizz and defines your curls in a hold that lasts for hours and keeps your hair looking good 


  • Only Available in Small Bottles – this product cannot be bought in bulk, so it does get expensive if you use it a lot 
  • Eliminates frizz, while defining curls.
  • No Sodium chloride, sulfates, dyes harsh salts, parabens and gluten.
  • Provides long lasting hold with amazing shine.
  • Unique blend of coconut oil, argan oil and monoi oil

7. ArtNaturals Curl Defining Cream for Wavy and Curly Hair

If you prefer to use creams in your hair then the ArtNaturals Curl Defining Cream is a great choice. This product is designed for wavy and curly hair and primarily keeps your hair hydrated and healthy.

It adds moisture to your hair and also utilizes the natural oils that your hair produces to ensure your hair remains in good condition.

As well as focusing on keeping your hair healthy, it also controls messy hair, holding fly away hairs in place and keeping frizz to the absolute minimum.

So if you want your hair to feel and smell good, this might be the best option for you. 


  • Hydrates Your Hair – adds moisture and utilizes the natural oils in your hair to keep your curls healthy and hydrated 
  • Manages Your Curls – controls frizz, fly aways and more to define, control and enhance the natural curls you were blessed with  
  • Smells Amazing – packed with natural ingredients including argan and avocado oil so that your hair smells incredible 


  • Only Lasts for a Day – after 24 hours you will have to reapply this product to your curls to keep them in order 
  • Artnaturals Curl Defining Cream is ideal for defining, controlling and shining curls, reducing frizz and flyways while increasing manageability
  • Argan oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil are blended to deeply moisturize both hair and scalp, leaving no residue and drying soft and touchable
  • The Cream's formulation also includes moisture:sealing sweet almond oil, hydrating Shea butter and taming wheat protein for even more control
  • Fight the misbehavior curly hair is prone to when the weather’s not perfect with the Cream’s defining power
  • Artnaturals is made with premium:quality botanical ingredients and cruelty free

8. Royal Locks Pro-Curl Cream Gel for Wavy, Coily and Curly Hair

Another excellent hair cream is produced by Royal Locks which is excellent if you want to feel like you’ve had your hair done by a professional.

This cream is salon-quality at a fraction of the cost, so that you can get your hair looking excellent without having to spend out.

It is suitable for all different types of curls, including kinky, wavy and coiled curls, and is also suitable for all different hair types including natural, permed and colored hair.

So if you want to treat yourself, this is a great choice for your curls. 


  • Salon-Quality – leaves your curls with a salon-quality finish at a fraction of the cost and with a lot less hassle 
  • Suitable for All Curls – designed for use with wavy, coiled and kinky curls so that no matter what type of curl you have, you will be able to use this product 
  • Safe for All Hair Types – suitable for natural, colored, permed and silver hair, so it is highly versatile 


  • Not Suitable for Long term Use – after a long period of time the effects of this product can wear off, so you shouldn’t overuse it
  • BUILT FOR CURLS: Unique 3-in-1 curl cream gel creates well-defined curls while holding shape, moisturizing, taming frizz and drying with a touchable softness. Developed for Classic Curls and Coils. Safe for permed, silver or color treated hair. New & Improved
  • KEY BENEFITS: Creates beautiful well-defined curls that dry soft while reducing frizz. Unique blend of curl cream gel designed to enhance and activate all types of curls, including: classic, wavy, tight/coily and fine/medium textured hair.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Contains Argan Oil and Vitamin E to moisturize and condition hair. SULFATE FREE, PARABEN FREE, CRUELTY FREE FORMULA
  • USAGE TIPS: Use “Wet Styling” with Pro Curl Cream Gel. Apply a nickel size, to start, to sopping wet hair. Disburse evenly. Air dry or diffuse. For coils use Pro Curl as a gel for "Wash & Go" or as a primer for "Twist Out" Styling. Note: Styling product is concentrated.
  • BRAND MISSION: Making curls work for you. High-performing, multi-benefit products with simple routines to fit your lifestyle and enhance your unique beauty.

9. HerStyler Hair Repair Serum for Frizz Control 

Alternatively, you should consider the HerStyler Hair Repair Serum. This is a great choice if your curls have become dry or dull as it is able to completely transform your hair in no time at all.

It does this by removing any grease that might have developed in your hair and replacing it with a beautiful smell.

Simultaneously, it nourishes your hair with aloe vera to soothe your hair and your scalp, encouraging healthy hair growth.

So if your hair has become dull overtime, this is the perfect product to overhaul it and get it fresh and healthy once more. 


  • Transforms Hair – can transform dry and dull hair into glossy, luscious hair in only a few minutes 
  • Removes Grease – perfect for daily use as it removes any grease from your hair and replaces it with a wonderful smell 
  • Nourishes Your Hair – replaces grease in your hair with natural aloe vera to nourish your scalp and promote hair growth and health 


  • Strong Scent – can be quite overpowering when you first begin using this product 
  • MANE MAKEOVER - This hair shine serum transforms dry, damaged hair leaving it lush and glossy. What’s more is that this frizz control hair product works well on straight or curly hair.
  • IMPROVES LUSTER - The novel mix of Aloe and Argan oil extracts work in this de-frizz hair product leave your tresses soft, shiny and stunning. From de-glam to glamorous in a matter of minutes.
  • COMPLETE HAIR CARE SOLUTION - This hair smoothing serum is a complete hair styling solution. It reduces frizz, tames hair, loosens tangles, lessens split ends and restores shine to hair.
  • NOURISHES - Aloe Vera nourishes the scalp, addresses hair woes and stimulates dormant hair follicles. This Vitamin E serum locks in moisture and nutrients to condition your hair.
  • NON GREASY - Ideal for daily use, this frizzy hair serum can be used by men and women. Its aroma lingers to leave hair fragrant and soft to the touch.

10. Smooth Viking Hair Care Styling Clay for Men

Finally, let’s talk about the Smooth Viking Hair Care Styling Clay. When it comes to hair products, clay definitely isn’t for everyone, but it is excellent for holding curls in place.

This clay can hold stray hairs and curls in place so that your hair looks effortlessly perfect throughout the day. This effortless look is further supported by the natural finish that it provides so that people won’t even notice that you have any product in it.

But the best thing about this product is that it is very easy to use. So if you are a fan of clay hair products, and need to control your curly hair, this could be the perfect product for you. 


  • Strong Hold – the clay texture allows this product to effortlessly hold stray hairs in place and control your curls in a way that works for you
  • Natural Finish – the final finish is so natural you will be unable to see any product in your hair 
  • Easy to Use – self-explanatory to use so that you don’t need to be a professional hairdresser to use it


  • Not Long Lasting – it is only able to hold curls for a few hours before the product wears away 
  • STRONG HOLD, MATTE FINISH HAIR CLAY: Our effortless styling clay molds your hair into the desired style and keeps it in place all day long with its long-lasting control effect. Whether you have long, coarse hair, this hair product provides the right amount of strong hold and a matte finish for a stunning look, even after a long day at the office or an intense workout. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to a polished and put-together appearance with our mens styling products.
  • ACHIEVE THE ULTIMATE MATTE LOOK: Ideal for longer hair to create beachy waves or define shorter, choppy cuts. With this hair clay for men, you can achieve any hairstyle from tousled texture to the world's most sumptuous pompadour. Smooth Viking's Hair Styling Pomade provides a natural, matte finish that looks effortless and put-together. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to a head-turning appearance with Smooth Viking's Matte Hair Clay.
  • ENHANCE YOUR HAIR'S TEXTURE: Style your hair like a pro with our mineral-rich mens hair clay infused with beeswax, castor oil, soybean oil, and carrot seed oil. Our carefully selected blend of ingredients provides a strong hold for thick, textured, and modern hairstyles that last all day - even during sports and heavy perspiration. Achieve a polished, put-together appearance with our clay pomade for men.
  • GREAT-LOOKING HAIR WITH EASE: Our hair clay tames stubborn hair. Its strong hold formula provides a matte finish and can be applied to slightly damp or dry hair. This hair product is suitable for all hair types, as it provides a strong hold without making the hair feel stiff or crunchy. Its lightweight formula allows for natural movement & flexibility, ensuring great-looking hair all day long.
  • OUR PROMISE: At Smooth Viking, we take your trust in us seriously. We're committed to providing the safest, highest quality men's hair products and continuously strive to deliver excellent customer experience. We care about each and every one of our customers and strive to exceed their expectations. Experience the difference with our men's hair products.

Buyer’s Guide

Finding the perfect products for curly hair can be difficult, especially when you are a man.

The products that we have looked at above are some of the best on the market, but if you’re still unsure we have put together this quick buyer’s guide to help.

So if you want to find out more before you buy, keep on reading.  

Types of Curly Hair

The first thing that you need to bear in mind when you are buying products for curly hair is the fact that there are different types of curly hair.

Curly hair is a group name given to hair that isn’t straight, and it can actually be divided into 3 different categories of curly hair: wavy, coiled, and kinky.

So let’s take a look at what these three different types of curly hair, and what they mean for your hair. 

Wavy Hair

Some people don’t realize that wavy hair is part of the curly hair family, but it actually is. This type of curly hair is a lot looser than some other types of curls and is formed with ‘S’ shapes.

Wavy hair isn’t very voluminous, so it will require different products to suit the needs of these loose curls. 

Coiled Hair

This type of curl is a lot tighter than wavy hair, and it is probably the textbook idea you have in your head when you think of ‘curly hair’.

Coiled hair tends to form ‘E’ shapes and is a lot more voluminous than wavy hair, so it will require different products to keep this hair under control. 

Kinky Hair

All hair can kink, but kinky curls are a completely different ballgame. These curls are extremely tight and voluminous.

These curls are so tight that it is actually possible to lose the individual strands of hair if you look at it from a distance, so as you might expect it will need very specific treatment. 

Types of Products for Curly Hair 

As well as considering the different types of curly hair, you will also need to think about the different types of products that are available for your hair.

So let’s take a quick look at some of the key products that you should invest in if you are a man with curly hair.

We have covered these in the product suggestions above, but let’s take a look at an overview of what products you should buy. 


This one goes without saying because no matter what style of hair that you have it will require shampooing. Even if you only wash it occasionally.

When you are looking for shampoo for curly hair, you should consider the fact that curly hair is prone to dryness. So the best types of shampoo for curly hair will be products that add moisture to your curls. 


This is something that goes hand in hand with shampoo, and something that you will almost always apply after washing it.

It is very important that you apply the conditioner to curly hair if you want it to remain hydrated and healthy.

Whenever you wash your hair, you should apply a conditioner immediately after. 


Moving onto more appearance-focused products, you have hair gels.

Most hair gels designed for curly hair are ‘curl-enhancing’ and can improve the appearance of your curls and keep them in good condition throughout the day. They also often make your curly hair appear shinier and more nourished. 


Alternatively, you can use a pomade to help define your curls. Pomades are slightly different to gels as they require you to apply them to your hair using a comb.

The end result of a pomade is similar to the end result when you use hair gel, but it tends to have a more natural finish than pomades. 


Finally, you have styling creams which are great to reduce the frizz in curly hair.

Just like pomades, creams tend to offer a more natural finish than gels, and they also offer a lighter hold which is why they are better suited for looser curls rather than tighter curls.

But they are also great for keeping curly hair hydrated so bear this in mind when you are considering products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair damaged curls?

If you have neglected your curls by using the wrong products for years it is easy for your curls to become damaged.

Some people recommend trimming your curls in order to get them back to good health, but there are other options.

If you use the right products it can be easy to repair your damaged curls and get your hair nourished and healthy once more. 

What should you not do with curly hair?

If you have curly hair there are some things that you should never do as this can cause damage to curls.

To keep your curls in the best condition you should never use heat on them more often than once a month, never wash your hair every single day, and never go to sleep without a silk or satin pillow as this can damage your curls.

The best way to keep your curls in good condition is to avoid doing everything we have listed above. 

How often should curly hair be washed?

A key part of keeping your curly hair in good condition is washing it. However, washing your hair to keep it healthy isn’t as simple as washing it every single day.

Depending on the style of hair that you have you will have to wash it on different patterns. For the best quality curly hair you should aim to wash your curly hair 1-3 days a week.