What Do Style And Beauty Mean to You?

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As the beauty industry becomes more and more inclusive (something which should have been present at its inception), we’re starting to see various inspirational looks, design ideals, and those who aren’t afraid to showcase themselves feeling their most confident all across the board. This is how things should have been all along.

what does beauty and style mean to you

For this reason, it can be worth considering exactly what beauty means to you and how you define it. Note that this doesn’t have to be ‘one thing,’ after all, trying new looks, having fun with style, and trying new products can be a good use of your time when it helps express and promote how unique you are – forget the rules to do so.

In other words, think of what’s important to you rather than someone else. So, while you may be able to pick up a few tips from beauty guides, it’s also good to format that insight to your own needs.

Let’s redefine how to look at beauty and style in a new light then, and help you curate your own approach:

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Amazing Skincare

Your skincare routine is more than just caring for your skin when you take your makeup off (if you wear it), or tackling spots and blackheads, but also how you manage sun exposure, as no matter your skin tone, it can become damaged in prolonged exposure.

Caring for your specific skin conditions is important too. If you’re prone to eczema, for example, using appropriate skin lotions and sensitive-skin creams can help you fight against a difficult flare-up. Remember that skincare should be sustainable, and if that means using one quality product, like an exfoliant, and a cheap moisturizer, then that can be worthwhile too.

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Necessary Haircare

Haircare depending on the kind of natural hair you have is always important, as is trying to ensure it’s healthy, vibrant, and that the damage from measures like dyeing the hair can be easily rectified.

We have multiple excellent guides on managing 2b hair and all other kinds, and can be worn in several incredible ways despite how thick that can be. Another cool and growing norm is that more people are wearing wigs, male and female alike, to events they enjoy or to socialize in general. Wigs can be a good replacement for your usual look without having to continually apply a reparative treatment for daring to try a new style.

Of course, washing your hair less regularly but making sure it’s brushed properly and finding the right products to retain the natural capability of your hair is essential. As you can see, haircare is a highly personal affair, so be sure to follow us for the latest insights!

Should You Follow Gender Norms?

A great deal has been made about gender norms and how you can either choose to conform to them or not. This is totally up to you. There’s no shame in being utterly feminine as a female, or vice versa. But if you feel that wearing masculine clothes suits you better, then that can be a great way to renew your style.

The same goes for men who wish to switch up their style, or those who are still determining their general gender identity. So in other words –  should you follow gender norms? Not at all! Do what makes you happy and helps you present yourself in the best way. It’s hard to be cooler than when you’re expressing your unique authenticity. 

Fun Adornments

It’s also a great idea to use small accessories or adornments to have fun with beauty and style – because here you’re reminded that looking good ‘isn’t a test,’ it’s something that you largely get to decide for yourself depending on how you feel that day and what you want to put out into the world.

Fake nails, using the best lash salon, switching up your tone of jewelry, all of this can help you express how you’re feeling that day and the kind of environment you’re going to be in. You may also choose to customize certain clothes, like adding fun patches to a jacket you wear, or badges to a student bag you’re using. 

Fitted Clothes

If you really wish to look your best through and through, it’s hard to think of a more fashionable choice than making sure your clothes fit well. Does this mean only wearing clothes that hug your frame? Not at all, this can still include loose-fitting clothes if that’s the style.

Using a seamstress or tailor service to refit certain clothes, especially if you gain or lose weight over the years (as most people do), can help you unlock your sense of style once more and feel more comfortable wearing even formal clothes. Fitted clothes of this nature will also help you look to the future with a sense of confidence more than anything else, as there’s a strange realization of how you most like to dress that comes to mind when wearing clothes that fit you well.

Cultural Pride

Celebrating your culture or authentic ethnic background can be tremendously worthwhile if you wish to, throwing some respect to the familial traditions you have or those you wish to present. 

For some, that might mean wearing certain colors, dresses, or adornments. It could be that for formal events you decide to wear accessories that have been passed down to you, perhaps when invited to a wedding.

Note that there’s no obligation to do this, but doing so can be a nice way to showcase your love for your family, especially if they’re from another culture, or if you want to learn more about your heritage. Over time, this can help you feel more connected to your own identity, which is generally what style and beauty are both about – identity and how we proudly display who we are from top to bottom, and totally without shame.

With this advice, you’re sure to determine what style and beauty mean to you, allowing you to grow more confident in the decisions you do make in dress and self-care.