Best Flat Iron For Curly Hair

Best Flat Iron For Curly Hair

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Spiral curls, wavy curls, ribbon curls, people all over the world are obsessed with curly hair, and for good reason; it’s beautiful. For those who have curly hair, it can be so fun and flexible. You can choose to go natural with curls flowing wild, wavy with just the right curves, or straight with just a little work. 

Best Flat Iron For Curly Hair

The key to having beautifully straightened hair without spending all day is in the flat iron. Even if you use the best hair products and faithfully condition your curls, using the wrong flat iron can make it look like dry straw instead of like healthy, silken locks. The right flat iron can really make all of the difference.

Believe it or not, flat irons were designed specifically for curly hair. These hair styling tools work to smooth out your curls without causing them to turn to frizz. When used with the right heat protectant hair products, these flat irons are manufactured to give you the sleek, silky look that you want without damaging your gorgeous curls. 

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Must-Know Flat Iron Info for Curlies

According to Beauty Mag, there is a good deal of vital info that you should be aware of about these flat irons for curly hair. This information will help you on your quest to find the perfect straightening iron for your own curls. (Hint: It’s not about price or even brand!)

Ceramic vs. Tourmaline vs. Titanium Plates: What are the Plates Made of?

When it comes to these straightening tools for curly hair, the plate material is important to the selection process. Most flat irons have one of three main types of plates: either ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium. Let’s take a look at how these plates work on hair and how they are used.

  1. Ceramic Plates – The most common type of flat iron plates are made of ceramic. They are the most efficient in terms of their price and are manufactured to work well for almost every type of hair. Ceramic plates wear down faster than other types, so if you use your straightener often, you might want to go with one of the other types. Best for everyday use to minimize damage.
  2. Tourmaline Plates – Tourmaline irons usually use a ceramic base and add tourmaline on top. The mineral known as “tourmaline” is often molded into the plates of ceramic flat irons. Why add this? Well, for one, it emits negative ions that react with your hair to give you that shiny glass look that everyone loves. Titanium can also boost the lifespan of your straightener – at a bit more cost, of course. It’s one step above ceramic plates and is great for preventing heat damage.
  3. Titanium Plates – Because of its use in the medical field, you may already be aware of the strength and resilience of titanium, but did you know that it brings that same durability to flat irons? Because of their higher costs, you usually see these more often in salons than at home, but titanium-plated straighteners are terrific for making thick, coily curls look sleek and smooth. Titanium plates are best for thick textured hair and are also a popular choice among pros.

Size Matters!

The size of the flat iron plates is also important. If your hair is fine or has more of a wavy-type curl than coils, then you would best benefit from a smaller plate – such as the 1-inch ones. You may choose a fatter plated straightener if you have thicker, coiled curls.

But, how do you know which is the best flat iron for your curly hair? There are so many on the market that it can become quite confusing to lock it down to just one. No worries! We have taken the time to research for you and bring you a list of the very best hair straighteners.

So which is the best flat iron for curly hair? Let’s take a look. 

#1: Best Overall – Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron *Top-Rated*

The Nano Titanium Ionic Flat Iron is one of the best flat irons for coarse curly hair, thick wavy hair, and fine curly hair, which is why it is top-rated! It is terrific for creating smooth, silky straight hair or loose, wavy curls. While it is a bit more costly, it offers a few more bells and whistles than the following flat irons on our list. 

The plates on this styling tool are wider than most, which makes it great for straightening more hair at once or dealing with exceptionally thick and curly hair. The digital ionic technology emits millions of negative ions to help your hair stay smooth and frizz-free.

These plates are made of smooth titanium, which can conduct very high heat and resist corroding, while the Ryton housing resists the ultra-high heat, helping to prevent burned fingers. 

A ceramic heater makes instant heating up and recovery process possible, and the LED digital temperature settings go up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You can find this flat iron on the Babyliss Website and at Ulta Beauty. At Ulta, it comes with a limited 4-year warranty. You will need to pay extra if you buy from the Babyliss website. Both offer free shipping for this flat iron. It can also be purchased on Amazon.

Customer Reviews for the Babyliss Pro Nano

Customers absolutely love this flat iron.

“Great Professional Flat Iron!”

Jase is a verified buyer from the US who has naturally 4A-4B hair that is low porosity and advises that anyone with this hair type would love this product. They would recommend it to a friend.

“Best Straightener Ever!!”

Another verified buyer, Cheryl from the US, gushes that this Babyliss “gets hot very fast,” and is “super easy to sure.” She calls it “very smooth” and adds, “My hair rejoiced!” Cheryl would also recommend this flat iron to a friend.


The Babyliss Pro Nano has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, making it a top-rated product.

  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin hair straightener has a slim design that helps eliminate hand fatigue while increasing styling flexibility. Create pin-straight styles with this fast-performing flat iron.
  • High heat levels provide excellent straightening results while Nano Titanium technology protects hair from damage.Heat-resistant ryton housing
  • Use this Nano Titanium flat iron to smooth & straighten hair. Can also be used to create loose, beachy waves.
  • Nano titanium plates
  • Emits negative ions and maximum far-infrared heat for fast, gentle straightening without damaging hair
  • LED temperature settings up to 450 degrees, for faster straightening or curling
  • Glides through hair; no pulling
  • Ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight

#2: Best Value- Chi Pro G2 Digital Titanium-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

The Chi Pro G2 Digital Titanium Flat Iron features ceramic plates that have been infused with titanium, making it a durable product that will give sleek results. It is designed to give your hair all of the shine and smoothness with none of the frizz. 

The ergonomic design of this flat iron makes it both stylish and easy to handle. With this flat iron, an 11-foot cord gives you plenty of room to move about. This product is cheaper on Amazon but comes with a warranty and thermal mat at their website for a bit more.

The G2 also comes “loaded with the most recent advanced technology” in hair straightening. A new multicolored digital LCD  “Mode” button display has preset temperatures for every hair type. 

This straightener also has dual voltage for safety and convenience while traveling and only takes 40 seconds to heat up to a maximum temperature of 425 degrees Fahrenheit. It will automatically shut off after an hour.

Customer Reviews for the Chi Pro G2

Buyer’s Guide rates this flat iron as a 10 in flat irons and hair straighteners, flat irons for fine hair, and flat irons best overall, but what do actual customers have to say about this flat iron? Here are some reviews.

“This Flat Iron is a Real Pro. Totally Recommend”

A buyer from the United States shares that the Chi flat iron deserves to win awards for its professional results and adds that it “doesn’t damage the hair; even with the most damaged and challenging types of hair, I get shiny and smooth results.”

“Gets Hair Super Straight!”

Another American buyer says that they love the way that this flat iron heats up so quickly and that her old straightener took “many passes” and over an hour to give her good results.


The Chi G2 Pro Flat Iron has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on their website as well as on Amazon.

  • New Titanium Infused ceramic plates- Expect beautiful, smooth protected hair with durable long lasting plates.
  • New 'Mode' Button with preset temperatures in Multicolored Digital LCD
  • Ceramic Heater with advanced technology for 40 second heat up and max temperature of 425 Degrees.
  • Dual Voltage: Travel the world and rest assured that your tools is safe and effective
  • 11 Foot Cord; 1 Inch. 1 hour auto-shut off

#3: Best for Frizz – Remington Pearl Pro Crushed Pearl-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

On Amazon, the Remington Pearl Pro Flat Iron is a bit cheaper than the Chi but still comes with a lot of great features. This flat iron only takes 15 to 30 seconds to heat up to a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The ceramic floating plates on the Remington Pearl Pro are infused with “real crushed pearls” to encourage a “smooth, easy glide,” giving complete control over how you style while keeping contact with your hair the entire time. They now have 8 times more ceramic to help prevent frizz and hair damage.

This hair straightener also features a one-hour automatic shut-off, digital controls, a hinge lock, LCD temperature display, 3 heat settings, a temperature lock, swivel cord, and a two-year limited warranty. 

Customer Reviews for the Remington Pearl Pro

Sure, this all sounds great, but what do the actual customers say about the Remington Pearl Pro Flat Iron? Let’s take a look at a few reviews of this product.

“Great Straightener. Effective.”

A customer shares that they have had their Remington Pearl Pro “going on 8 years” and likes the temperature lock and the different temperature settings, but warns, “It does get hot,” instructing that buyers should be sure to use a thermal protector in their hair.

“Worth Every Penny!”

Fatima adds that this flat iron gets very hot, so buyers should be careful not to damage their hair. She says it is perfect for straightening hair quickly and creating waves. She ends with, “Totally recommend!”


The Remington Pearl Pro has a 4.8 out of 5 rating on the Remington website and a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Amazon.

  • 1” Floating Plates for Smooth Glide
  • Pearl Ceramic Technology for Less Damage and Faster Salon Results
  • Crushed Pearl Infused Plates with One Pass Straightening
  • 450°F Salon High Heat

#4: Best on a Budget – HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

If you are looking for a flat iron that does a great job at a lower price, this could be the one. Whether you are on the lookout for the best flat iron to straighten hair, the best flat iron to curl hair, or the best flat iron to flip hair, this one is up to the task. 

This straightener is designed to give you smooth and silky locks, even if you have thick, coarse hair which has a tendency to frizz. You can achieve the look you want with less effort, easily and quickly due to the negative ions generated by this product.

The tourmaline ceramic plates on the HSI Glider flat iron use 8 micro-sensors that have their patented HeatBalance® technology. Heat is distributed evenly throughout your hair, making it possible for you to get the results that you want while holding heat to your hair for less time.

It is great for travel, as it comes with a dual voltage compatible design. The 360-degree swivel cord makes it easy to maneuver in almost any space. Temperature settings range from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Overall, this flat iron offers a lot of benefits for not a lot of cost. Although it is currently sold out there, you can get it on the HSI website, and it comes with a one-year warranty, a silk travel case, Argan oil hairspray and treatment, a style guide, and a glove to prevent burns. It is also available on Amazon. 

Customer Reviews for the HSI Pro Glider

The fact that this flat iron is sold on the company website could be a positive review of its own, but let’s look at what actual buyers had to say about this product.

“This is the Best Flat Iron I Have Ever Had”

Buyer Sarah Hussein shares that she has curly, dry hair but that the HSI Glider “makes it smooth, soft, and shiny in only 20 minutes” and adds that her hairstyle can last up to a week. Sarah uses her flat iron in Australia and loves the dual voltage.


Ariel bought her HSI flat irons based only on the reviews and says that she was skeptical but is “soooo glad” she got them. She has very thick hair but insists that it only takes one pass from this product to make her hair “silky straight and flawless!”


With a 4.3 rating out of 5 on Amazon, this flat iron is a great choice for curly girls.

  • One Tool Does It All: Stop using multiple hair tools when you can accomplish many looks with just one. Creating dramatic results on even the frizziest, coarsest hair, the HSI Professional Glider quickly straightens, flips and curls with minimal effort.
  • 8 HeatBalance Micro-Sensors: You don’t need to worry about burning your precious locks. Boasting high-quality ceramic plates that use 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors to regulate the temperature and evenly distribute heat, fewer passes are needed on your hair.
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Plates: Enjoy shinier, silkier results in no time flat. The Glider's plates are designed with ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates, producing a high volume of negative ions which allows smaller water molecules to penetrate hair.
  • Total Control: Achieve a sleek, smooth look by eliminating frizz with adjustable high heat. Giving you total control in matching the heat to your hair type, you can easily adjust the Flat Iron’s temperature settings from 140°F -450°F.
  • Complete Package: The Flat Iron includes an HSI style guide, 1-year warranty, glove and silk case for easy storage and on-the-go styling. And with worldwide dual-voltage, you can enjoy the perfect look everywhere you go.

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#5: Best for Tight Curls – Revlon Double Straight Copper + Ceramic Dual Plate Flat Iron *Top-Rated*

Okay, so this one looks a little funny at first, but isn’t the saying that two are better than one? Well then, you’d expect four to be better than two, no? 

This flat iron has four half-plates instead of the normal two whole ones so that it can not only straighten your hair with the first pass but reinforce it with a second, so you get two passes for every swipe!

Made of copper and ceramic, these plates heat up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit and help to reduce frizz as you straighten. The unique design also helps prevent damage to your hair, and fewer passes mean less time.

While this product is great for thick, curly hair, it works well with all hair types. It has multiple heat settings and a colorful LED display. This styling tool also has a universal dual voltage and one-hour shut-off feature.

You can buy the Revlon Double Straight Copper Ceramic Flat Iron on Amazon or Ulta Beauty. The manufacturer promises “75% faster results with only one pass!”


A rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Ulta and 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon shows that customers are happy with this product overall, making it another top-rated product.

This flat iron seems to be another great pick for the price. Reviews such as “100000% worth the money” and “Revlon for the win!” tend to back this opinion.

  • DOUBLE STRAIGHT: Four ½” plates for 75% faster results with only one pass resulting in less damage. The perfect combo for silky smooth results and less frizz.
  • COPPER CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY: Superior even heat transfer and faster styling. One pass, two times faster straightening.
  • DUAL PLATE: The first plate straightens, while the second reinforces – for sleeker, straighter, healthier-looking results.
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: LED display and multiple heat settings, reaching up to 455˚F, provide styling variety for all hair types.
  • TRAVEL READY: Effortlessly style bold looks with the built-in cool tip that provides added styling control. Includes a 1-hour auto shut-off feature and universal dual voltage.

#6: Best for Traveling – Conair Unbound Rechargeable Cordless 2-In1 Flat Iron/ Curling Iron

For curlies who are looking to go cord-free, we have the Conair Rechargeable Cordless 2-In-1 Flat Iron/ Curling Iron. This styling tool will work both as a straightener and a curling iron and can create silky, smooth hair, waves, or curls.

This flat iron/curler features 1-inch titanium plates that will slide effortlessly through your hair to give shine and sleekness. It has 4 different heat settings to make it efficient for almost any hair type. 

An auto-shutoff feature makes this unit turn itself off after 15 minutes. This works well both to conserve energy and to help prevent fire risks. The highest heat setting is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Conair Unbound is great for traveling. It is small enough to easily fit into a purse or luggage but big enough to carry the most unruly curls. The plates lock closed when you are using it to curl. 

It is good for up to 25 minutes before it will need a recharge; however, it is hot enough that for most hair types, it may not take more time than this to give beautiful results.

Charging time will vary according to the type of adapter and power source used. The styling tool should be fully charged overnight before its first use.

The 2 lithium-ion batteries that come with this unit charge with a USB charger, which is also included. 

Negative Reviews

It should be noted that there were negative reviews for flat irons on Amazon that indicated fake products were being sold. This apparently occurs if you click on “other buying options.” 

To be sure that you are getting a genuine product, you should either purchase directly from Amazon, buy at a brick-and-mortar business, or buy directly from the company website or other trusted beauty supply sites.

  • Cordless Multi-Styler: Create beautiful curls or straight styles with Conair Unbound Titanium Multi-Styler. This 2 in 1 straightener and curling iron is rechargeable (charge fully overnight before first use) and offers up to 25-minutes of cord-free runtime
  • Professional 1" Flat Iron and Curling Iron Multi-Styler: Reach 400°F highest heat for professional results (note: this flat iron / curling iron in one requires 60-second heat up time)
  • Sleek, Cordless Curling-Straightening Iron: Unbound 1" Multi-Styler from Conair has LED temperature display with 4 heat settings and Auto Off feature (flat iron will shut off automatically after 15 minutes to preserve battery life)
  • On The Go Styling: Easily fits in your handbag or gym bag for Beauty in Motion. Includes USB charger; 2 lithium ion batteries - Individual airline restrictions may apply (check with your carrier)
  • Innovative Styling Tools: From curling irons and wands to flat irons, hot air brushes, auto curlers and more; Conair makes high quality styling tools for all hair types

#7: Best Splurge – GHD Platinum+ Styler

The GHD Platinum + Styler is a high-end hairstyling product. Because it offers you that sleek finish after straightening, the GHD Platinum+ Styler is a perfect alternative for persons with curly hair. It provides you with a high-end experience when using it, as well as clean results. Although it is pricey, the effects are long-lasting and do not require retouching.

When I use a flat iron, my hair usually becomes frizzy, but this straightener produces nice and silky results. Despite the fact that straightening my curls requires more than one pass, it is still superior to most of its competitors. This flat iron provides a personalized experience by detecting and adjusting the appropriate temperature for the thickness of your hair.

This is a fantastic styler that claims to make your hair stronger and shinier while also being suited for colored hair. It also has a round barrel, making it easy to style your hair without snagging. This flat iron is a beautiful design with a bend at the end and a plush wishbone hinge. You gain a firm grasp on the handle and complete control over the style.

The GHD Platinium + Styler is definitely worth the splurge!

  • GHD'S 1st SMART PROFESSIONAL HAIR STRAIGHTENER ― The Platinum+ hot tool flat iron predicts your hair’s needs for ultimate results and stronger, visibly healthier hair in one stroke.
  • PERSONALIZED HAIR STYLER RESULTS ― Unique ultra-zone predictive technology recognizes hair thickness & speed of styling and monitors heat over 250x per second to adjust accordingly, always ensuring the perfect temperature for results personalized to you.
  • HEALTHIER CERAMIC FLAT IRON STYLING ― 365ºF optimal styling temperature minimizes hair damage for 70% stronger hair and 2x more color protection compared to a styler working at 450ºF.
  • FLAT IRON WAVES ― Advanced floating plates with an ultra-gloss coating for effortless styling and 75% more shine vs. naturally dried hair. The unique wishbone hinge and round barrel enables versatile, snag-free styling to create sleek styles, curls, or waves.
  • UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE WITH SLEEP MODE ― You can be as fierce as you want with the same outstanding performance anywhere in the world and with the automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes of non-use, worrying about if your ceramic hair straightener is switched off is a thing of the past.

Protecting Your Hair When Straightening

It would be remiss not to mention the importance of protecting your hair when you use a flat iron, curling iron, or any heated styling tool. In truth, the use of heat protectant products can be one of the most important steps in your beauty routine.

Heat protectant spray can help reduce the damage from the heat that your styling tool emits. It is the most common protecting product for hair and is usually sprayed on before styling but can also be added as needed throughout your styling process.

It works by closing the outer layer of your individual hair to seal moisture in. It can be sprayed on when your hair is damp, or when it is completely dry. Brushing through your hair after spraying helps to ensure that the protectant has been evenly distributed.

While almost everyone benefits from using these products, those with dry, brittle, or damaged hair should especially ensure to protect their hair before applying heat. Take care not to overspray, however, since this can give hair an oily look.

Other Considerations

Those are some of our top picks for best flat iron for curly hair. We have tried to include products with different types of plates and at all different price ranges. 

Aside from the price and materials, there are a few other things that you will want to consider when choosing the best straightener for curly hair. You might want to wear gloves to avoid burns if you are prone to such. 

You might also want to be sure to get a styling tool with an automatic shut-off if you easily forget to turn off the power when you’re finished straightening your hair. The size also matters.

For example, if you have thick, coarse, kinky curls, a wider iron with longer plates might benefit you best. Those with soft waves or someone who wishes to also use their flat iron to curl their hair might decide on a tool with thinner plates.

You may also want to consider the size of the flat iron if you plan to travel with it. Smaller flat irons are easier to pack and unpack. 

The type of plug that comes on the straightener is another important factor if you will be traveling overseas. Swivel cords can also be helpful for those who struggle with tangling the wire.

We hope this article has helped you in your quest to find the best flat iron for curly hair. Feel free to browse our site for more informational posts!